January 04, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On January 04, 2014

Once Louis reaches Level 15, he will summon you to a tavern and tell you that he would like to upgrade his Harpoon Gun! He sends you to Lucius Fox.

Lucius tells you that you have fine gun, but you need some Fusilier Powder, 10x more powerful and it's what the armada use. Louis tells you to go visit the librarian in Sivella, Valencia!

The Librarian tells you that the book was burned in an accident. However, the Chemist of the academy may know!

The Chemist tells you that the formula is a State Secret, and he does not know it. However, if he was to have the powder, he could be able to figure it out for you!

To obtain some fusilier ships, you must defeat some Armada Ships to collect some (and help with the rebellion).

Once you return to the Chemist, he figures out the Formula and tells you to return to Lucius!

Lucius gives you the powder, and it's time to go celebrate in a Tavern!