December 22, 2013

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On December 22, 2013

Once Ratbeard hits Level 10, he will summon you to a tavern and tell you that he needs to go see an old "mate" about his Clothes and Weapon.

Bill tells you that Jake Creedy took his Clothes and Weapon, and directs you in his area.

The fight with Jake is relatively short, however, he tells you that he doesn't have his weapon and he should go ask One Eyed Jack about it.

Jack tells you that Ratbeard's weapon lies in a Chest in one of his Summer Rentals.

You find his sword, but Lasko, the crewmate ratbeard poisoned (Poison, what Poison?), a short fight with Lasko ends this promotion quest and it's time to go promote Ratbeard!