January 26, 2014

Posted by Sneaky Kevin On January 26, 2014

Name: Bison Scout 
Class: Musketeer
Exclusive To: Musketeers
Obtained: Quest; "To the Rescue!"
Crown Shop Equivalent: Bison Scout
Crown Shop Cost: 4495 Crowns

Promotion Levels:
Level 32: Bison Hunter

Total of 3 Epics, 2 Chosen

None of the Bison companions are necessarily great in combat, as their number of Epics are fairly low and they don't get the best ones in their pools. A good build for the Bison Scout would be Return Fire, Overwatch, and Double Tap. Note that his Guaranteed Critical Strike power isn't automatically trained; if you want to give it to him, you'll have to give up an Epic. It may be better to give him an Epic that can regularly activate, such as Double Tap - while it isn't preferable on most companions, it allows him to finish off weakened enemies and allow for your stronger units to focus on the larger threats in the fight.