January 26, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On January 26, 2014
Once Ratbeard reaches Level 55 he'll ask you to speak to him in a Tavern Cellar.

Once you speak to Ratbeard he tells you that a ghost (referring to Lasko) told him to visit Ebeneezer Scrooge's Houses. Upon arrival to his house, surprise, surprise, Lasko is indeed, there. He tells you that the man who inhabits this house has a cruel heart, and you must haunt him until he sees the error in his ways. 

The First Haunting, didn't go so well. However, Ebeneezer hints towards "Old Boz" and it is quickly pointed out that he is a good businessman, so he should have records. In his office, you find Ebeneezer's book and find out that "Old Boz" is an orphanage that he's going to sell, and send all the kids in there onto the dirty streets!

You are told that Old Joe knows something about Ratbeard's father, he lives not to far away. After a brief fight, Old Joe tells you about Scrooge's father. Perhaps that's the key to changing Scrooge's way. The second haunting, done by Ratbeard, once again, does not go well, but, he does tell you about someone he looks up to as father "Barks" in Mooshu, who helped build up Scrooge's business. 
Once you reach Hamamitsu, Forsythe, Barks' associate tells you that Mr Barks is visiting their Spice Farms in Din Ho Village (in Subata).  

In Subata, Trader Nick tells you that they were ambushed by Ninja Pigs and took Barks with them! After a couple fights in the tower, you reach Barks and escort him back to Hamamitsu.  Once back in Hamamitsu, Barks tells you that Scrooge's Father once asked Scrooge for help, but Scrooge kicked him to the curb. 

Back at Scrooge's mansion, Old Scratch haunts Scrooge and asks him how would his father see him now, What would he think? Once again, the haunting is unsuccessful, but, he does say that his nephew, Holliway is in Flotsam, Perhaps we should go there?

You ask Old Scratch about Holliway and he tells you that he lives in one of the flats not far from the pub. Holliway tells you that there is a letter, written by Scrooge's Dad that could change his heart. Unfortunately, a Pirate stole it and you must get it back! 

With the letter, you return to Scrooge only to find that he is out of bed and your plans are foiled! Luckily, you give him the letter and he reads it, filled with glee, he tells you to meet him at the Orphanage.

Scrooge announces at the Orphanage shall be renovated until it is up to his own house's expectations.

Time to visit a Cellar!