February 11, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On February 11, 2014
Once Milo Greytail Reaches level 47, he will summon you to a cellar, his friend's business is involved.

Milo tells you that the business is going well, but Tom would like to speak to them about improving it. Once you've reached Tom, he tells you that he is going to Grow Yum Yum Fruits, he has an orchard and everything, only one tinsy problem, the Crabs have overrun it and won't let Tom in. Of course, you don't object to helping him out, and quickly clear away the crabs. Tom thanks you kindly and explains that the shipment of Seeds has not arrived yet from Mooshu, maybe you could go and investigate?

Tom's importer, Hao, has the Seeds, but not the dirt that is needed for the Yum Yum to grow in, luckily, there is a way to retrieve said Soil. The Sacred Mountains are rich in this soil, and you quickly go to collect some.

After laying down the dirt, it's time to plant the seed, but there's an eery silence...too good to be true. Ninja Pigs. Apparently it's "Illegal" to grow Yum Yum outside of Mooshu and they are here to make sure it doesn't happen. However, being the well taught Pirate that you are, you manage to defeat the Pigs and send them home...for now. 

Milo suggests using the Frogfather as a protector, the Frogfather agrees to it on the conditions that he owns it. Tom accepts and the place is now Ninja Pig Free! Yay! 

One last hurdle to jump over before everything runs smoothly again, the plants just aren't growing. Back to Hamamitsu it is! hao tells you that a gardener in Hamamitsu may be able to help you. Unfortunatly, the gardener has no knowledge of how to grow Yum Yums, but a gardener in the Ravaged Valley may. The gardener's house has been invaded by the Amber Horde, quick help him! After helping him, he hands over some special grubs (reluctantly) that will help the Plants Grow.

Huzzah! The plants are now growing properly and Tom's business is booming.

Time to resort to a Tavern Cellar and Celebrate, eh?