February 11, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On February 11, 2014
When Barnabus reaches Level 37, he will summon you to a tavern as someone from Scrimshaw; Rosco Ratso has asked you to come visit him.

Rosco tells you that your old friend; Gortez, has asked for you to return to Monquista and talk to him. Gortez is still in Zenda, the war is going well for them....well, it would be if the noble houses would realise that they have, in fact, lost, but alas, being the arrogant little monkeys they are; they do not. Gortez tells you of a sword, the Sword of St Simian, a legendary sword wielded by a holy Monquistan, being the owner of this sword would settle his problems with the Noble Houses diminish and he can finally win his civil war. However, the sword was taken to Mooshu, in an effort to spread the Monquistan religion, there is only one survivor, the Iron Monkey.

Mr Iron Monkey tells you that they were captured by Samoorais, and only he survived. His captor was someone named Gatano, his estate is in Yagizawa Village.

You go to Gatano's house, only to find that it has been ransacked by Tengu Sorcerers. These guys are annoying.

You find Gatano in Hamamitsu, you ask him about the sword and he tells you that he gave it as a gift to Lord Kagemushi, in the Moomori Compound. Before you can even head out his door, Monquisitors ambush you, as it turns out; they have been following you, also on the hunt for the Sword.

You fin Kagemushi, and he says that it was stolen (again!) by Chung Po, you'll find him in the Vortex of Strife.

You find Chung Po on his ship, and funnily enough, you'll have to defeat him. However, it's not that easy, the Monquisitors are yet again following you and the only way to stop them is to defeat them!

You defeat the Monquisitors and take the Sword back to Gortez, he thanks you kindly and, as a reward, gives Barnabus the finest Monquistan Armor.

Return to a tavern to promote Barnabus.