February 09, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On February 09, 2014

Once Old Scratch reaches level 24, he will summon you to a tavern where he will tell you that his Master; Papa Legbones is in trouble. Papa's hideout in the Scurvy Dog Hideout has been ransacked and is crawling with Evil Spirits.

Madame Vadima tells you that there is a disturbance, and she summons Papa's spirit to try and get to the root of the troubles. Papa's spirit tells you to retrieve the eye of the serpent, to do so, you must talk to Raven Eyes first. 

Raven Eye tells you to go defeat some Sky Snakes and place their Rattle in a bush nearby to summon Sister Snake. 


You summon sister snake, and ask her about her eye; she reveals that it has been stolen by Skreech, who is also the one who stole Papa's Mojo.

You find  Skreech in a cave on Boot Hill, a short battle follows and you retrieve Sister Snake's Eye and return it to her, she says you can have it, but at a price; His hand and His Spirit. Old Scratch hands them over, and it's time to talk to him in a tavern!