February 09, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On February 09, 2014

One Milo reaches level 21, he will summon you to a Tavern and talk to you about something that will make you and him very rich. His friend, Tom, has asked for you to come see him.

Tom's cave has been infiltrated by Buster Crab, also after his business opportunity, Tom asks for help, and you gladly give it. After the battle, Tom tells you that he is starting a Yum-Producing business and will need investors, you and Milo agree to it. Tom tells you that there isn't enough time to hand juice the Yum Yum Fruits and he has ordered some mechanical hands to do it for him, he tells you to talk to Lucius Fox to see where they are.

Lucius tells you that the shipment is stuck in Cool Ranch, Arroyo Grande. 

Mister Perkins tells you that the hands are in a cave, down below in the mines. Maybe you should go, instead of him?

You find the hands in the company of Monterey Jack, someone you have encountered before. After the battle, you return to Tom in his new warehouse and he is delighted that you have returned with the hands. Time to return to a cellar and celebrate.