January 26, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On January 26, 2014
Once Bonnie Anne is Level 57 (and you have recruited Gracie Conrad) she will ask you to speak to her in a tavern cellar as soon as you can.

Bonnie tells you that she has received word from her cousin in Marleybone that her brother; Guy has been taken by the Radical Foxes because of her treachery to the Fox Cause. She tells you to leave Marleybone - for the sake of her brother and to never return. Bonnie refuses (naturally) and tells Molly to tell her where Guy is. Molly says the Radicals hang out in the undertown, someone down there should know.

You find the Radical's lair, only to discover that Guy hasn't been captured by the Radicals, but that Guy IS part of the radicals! The treachary hits Bonnie hard, but she wants to help Guy realise that what the Radicals are doing will not only affect the dogs of Marleybone, but that it will, in fact, affect the whole of Marleybone. You find plans in the lair, these plans indicate that they are planning an attack on the Isle of Dogs, specifically, the Factory. Their ammunition is lying at the factory now.

You discover that in the barrels in Naphtha, the most dangerous thing in the spiral (from Krokotopia) and the quantity of it that they have acquired will blast the whole island to bits - crippling the Navy and the Army. Bonnie reluctantly says to go speak to M; he'll have some information for us. M speaks of an agent working with the Radicals that will be able to tell you where Guy has dissapeared of to. Shane points you in the direction of a Fisherman, who, with persuasion will be able to tell you where Guy has gone. The fisherman, after his defeat tells you that Guy is in Airedale Pier.

You find Guy, and he warns Bonnie that even he could stop what was happening, he wouldn't. After defeating Guy, he sees the error of his ways (don't they all after encountering us?) and tells you that the leader, Captain Swing, is the one in Power and only he can stop the attack. 

Guy tells you where Captain Swing is, and he is exactly there. Captain Swing tells you that there is no chance of him stopping the attack and there is no chance of you defeating him. Funnily enough, you do exactly that. He stops the attack and Marleybone is saved (for now). He warns you that he is not the last, and that there are more. However, Bonnie has made Guy see the error of his ways and she has had enough - time to go to a cellar!