January 17, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On January 17, 2014

Hello Everybody! We've been working hard behind the scenes on completing the Companion Database, we are now currently 42%  finished with all of the companions in the game. Below we've included what we've done to update the Companion Database as of today;

New Font in Blog Titles

You may have noticed, that the title of this font is written in the "Shermlock" font, this is a nice little update that we were able to implement and we feel that it makes the database look more professional, and rather nice-looking. (We have also implemented this on our Main Blog)

Promotion Quests and Recruitment Quest

This one is our favourite update! We've added Promotion Quest pages which summarize what you will need to do to promote a companion that has a quest to the promotion. (such as Bonnie Anne's Second Promo). As an extra addition, we have also added a summarized questline of the quests that grant a Companion (currently, we only have ones for companions that all classes can get, the Presidio 5, Kraken Skull's Five and the Starter Companions. Fear not! We will be adding the other companion recruitment quests soon!).

Thank you all for your support and we look forward  to the future with you all!