January 14, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On January 14, 2014

It is time, once again, to Promote Wing Chun (Level 47) and to do this, it is time to speak to his old Master, Master Hu. He tells Wing Chun that he is going to test is Wisdom, Stillness and Power. To do this, he should restore the Temple of the South Wind to its former glory.

Hu sends you to Yagi, the temple monk who tells you that an evil sorcerer has disrupted the temple and she needs help restoring it. Firstly, the four trees around it are dead, and to restore them you will need the blessed stone stolen by Inoshishi bandits and some Sacred Water.

Once you have filled the Blessed Stone with the Sacred Water from the Temple in Subata, you pour the water into the pots of the trees and luckily, they come back to life.

The Earth, Wood and Water elements are at peace around the temple, the monk tells you, but the fire element is not. To calm it down you will need to collect the Sacred Flame and light the braziers around the main temple. Once you've lit them, Wing Chun doesn't experience anything, and believes something is wrong. The monk tells us that the Egg of the Phoenix is missing and we should check on its whereabouts by checking the Crucible, the area underneath the Temple. You discover that it was stolen by someone's master, and to find him, you need to re-vist khotan.

Once you defeat the guard in the temple, it is revealed that Moo Manchu; the evil sorcerer trying to take over the emperor stole the Egg. However, he doesn't see any reason for conflict to continue and allons you to take the egg. Once you bring it back to the Temple, the temple is restored and it's time to speak to Hu!

Hu congratulates you on a successful mission.

Go to a taven cellar to promote Wing Chun.