January 26, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On January 26, 2014
When one of the Magnificent Seven reaches Level 60, they summons you to a Cellar. It is there, where he tells you that he has received a message from the other Magnificent Seven, they have told him it is time for him to prove himself, by entering the Contest of Champions!

Pindor, the contest organiser says that only Aquilans may enter. However, if you are to retrieve the Winner's Wreaths from the Vulture Pirates, you may enter. After a quick ship battle, you are now a contender. It's time to compete!

Your first task, given by Orion is to defeat the Dread Manticore. 

Your second task is to win at the Archery Range, however, when you get there you see that there is already a winner, but she says that if you can defeat her, you may win. 

The third task is to collect some Golden Apples from Illios. Arriving at Illios, you find that the Golden Apples are all gone! Luckily, there are some, but you'll have to fight some Ettin's for them!

After returning to Pindor, he tells you that you are the winner of the Contest (Huzzah! As your prize, you are to sacrifice yourself to the Invincible Typhon (Boy, the Aquilans sure do like sacrifices, don't they?). Being a pirate, you ask how you can defeat him. The only way is to bring the Eagis to him, the Eagis is currently in the possession of Cadmus. 

After winning the Eagis off of Cadmus, you can now proceed to fighting Typhon! After an interesting battle with him, he is defeated and you return to Pindor. Pindor is elated, you have freed Aquilans from the terror that is Typhon!

Duck, happy that he has proved himself as a hero, is ready to promote.