January 11, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On January 11, 2014

When Bonnie reaches Level 31, she tells you that Calico Jake, her old Captain, has a mission for her. The Mission is from M, head of Special Branch and the mission is to Assassinate Rooke. For this, Bonnie Anne will need a new Gun, and who else to go to then our good friend, Lucius.

Lucius needs parts from an Armada Ship, a Wheel Lock. After that, he sends you on a mission to Collect Various things from around the Spiral.

Gomez, an Aramada Ally ambushes you in Puerto Mico, possibly ruining your whole mission.

You will need some Special Ammunition from Quigley, Catbeard's Old Friend, sadly it is in a Wasp Cave. 

Once your Gun is complete, M sends you to meet Jake at Monte Royale, only to find out that it's a trap! Rooke isn't there but tons of Armada Troops are there ready to defeat you!

Once you are free from the grasps of the Armada, M thanks you for what you have done and Bonnie is ready for her latest Upgrade!