January 11, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On January 11, 2014

Once Ratbeard reaches Level 28, he tells you that his crewmates weren't murdered by him, he was only meant to give them Knockout drops, but his supplier Mr Finch, may know why they Died. Mr Finch tells you that Captain Fowl, the man who killed Ratbeard's father gave him the poison, and he should be in a nearby place. However, he is not, and Ratbeard thinks an old friend, Catbeard may know how to get hold of him.

Catbeard tells you that Fowl likes to Collect things, and you should go ask One Eye-d jack what to get for Fowl. Jack tells you that the Golden Gobbler is found in the Scurvy Dog Hideout, and if Fowl knew someone had that, he would do anything to get his hands on it.

The door to the Golden Gobbler is locked and only the Amulets that the Aztecosaur Mummies have will be able to open the door. 

Once you manage to open the door, you fight an ancient Aztec Mummy.

Eventually, Fowl turns up, but instead of killing him, Ratbeard has a change in his ways and takes him to Governor Stanley to get locked up in Fort Elena.