October 05, 2013

Posted by Sneaky Kevin On October 05, 2013

Name: Wild Bill Peacock
Class: Musketeer
Exclusive To: Privateers
Obtained: Quest; "Payback"
Crown Shop Equivalent: Wild Bill Peacock
Crown Shop Cost: 5,995

 Promotion Levels:
Level 60 - Peacock Hero

Total of 4 Epics, 3 Chosen

Wild Bill is one of the few companions that Privateers recruit with Burst Fire, which is always a great Epic. There are two main ways to build him: a) the offensive build; and b) the anti-Musketeer build.

Starting with the offensive build, Burst Fire, obviously, is the most important Epic here. Train up to tier 2 of it, and also throw in either True Grit 2 or True Grit and Quick Draw. True Grit 2 is probably the better option here, which I'll go more into on the anti-Musketeer build below. Simply put, he's like an extra Bonnie Anne on your team - fire away at the strongest enemy in the fight, preferably a Swashbuckler due to their low health, and take them out before they can reach your front lines!

Then, there's the anti-Musketeer build... I prefer this method over the offensive build, simply because Bonnie Anne or Zeena are the only offensive Musketeers I need, AND they are universal companions, meaning anyone can recruit them. To make Wild Bill more unique, forget about Burst Fire. Give him True Grit 2 and Quick Draw, and stick with Burst Fire 1. Aim for the enemy Musketeers who have either Quick Draw or True Grit (i.e. Bonnie Anne), and watch Wild Bill's Quick Draw and True Grit go off - if the enemy uses Burst Fire, that adds another True Grit! Jane Canary is probably a better bet for an anti-Musketeer on a Privateer, but having two on your team can be great, in case, during a PvP match, your opponent chooses all Musketeers. As with the other Magnificent Seven Musketeers, your goal is to drop the enemy before they can drop you. It may be a bit tricky, but he'll be taking down those offensive Musketeers in no time!