October 14, 2013

Posted by Sneaky Kevin On October 14, 2013

Name: Kan Po
Class: Swashbuckler
Exclusive To: Witchdoctors
Obtained: Starter Companion
Crown Shop Equivalent: Keisuke Yagi
Crown Shop Cost: 5995 Crowns

   Promotion Levels:
Level 12: Goat Disciple
Level 47: Goat Master

Total of 4 Epics, 3 Chosen

Kan Po is a great starter companion, as he has a great Epic pool and his number of Epics is consistent with many other first rank companions. Give him Relentless 2 and Riposte 2, and he will be able to combat melee as well as ranged units effectively. While Repel Boarders isn't a bad choice of an Epic, giving him an extra tier of Relentless or Riposte would be much more effective, as those Epics would be activating fairly frequently on him.

His powers are basically a cross between Swashbuckler and Privateer cards. He has a heal, which is upgraded as he promotes, a hidden power, and Guaranteed Critical Strike. If there is a tough ranged companion or a Swashbuckler whose dodge is high enough that you may not be able to hit them, you would definitely want to use his critical on them. An interesting tip is to use his hidden power directly before this. Not only would it protect him for a round, but it will double damage that is already doubled, making it a 4x damage hit! You will be seeing 1,200+ damage in one hit when he is max level, which is basically a third of the average enemy's health. Add a Relentless or two to that, and, if the enemy is melee and hits back, throw in a couple Riposte strikes... it's safe to say that few enemies can stand up against Kan Po without being taken down within a few rounds.