September 14, 2013

Posted by Sneaky Kevin On September 14, 2013
Name: Dead Mike
Class: Buccaneer
Exclusive To: How You Lost Your Parents - Mutiny
Obtained: Quest; "Quid Pro Quo"
Crown Shop Equivalent: S.M. Arson
Crown Shop Cost:  4,995 Crowns
Promotion Levels:
Level 21: Undead Revenant
Level 47: Undead Avenger

Total of 5 Epics, 3 Chosen

Dead Mike, currently, isn't quite one of the best Presidio companions, but he is perfect for building as a tank that takes damage and hits back. For this reason, Vengeance Strike 2 is an absolute must. Second Chance is widely thought of as a good Epic, regardless of the companion, as it allows you to take another chance at striking when you miss. While Blade Storm and Cheap Shot can be useful, having a high tier of Vengeance Strike along with Second Chance would be a great build for him.

You can choose Dead Mike on any class you want, although we might recommend Privateer. As they can make your melee companions almost invulnerable to enemy melee units, you can make great use of Dead Mike's starting Epic - Riposte. Giving him an additional tier of this can nearly make him into a Swashbuckler, with higher Accuracy, Health, etc. You can also swap out Second Chance for Cheap Shot, if you would like, on a Privateer build, as he won't be missing too much with your Accuracy buffs.