July 30, 2013

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On July 30, 2013

Name: Buffalo Bill
Class: Musketeer
Exclusive To: Swashbucklers
Obtained: Quest; "Payback"
Crown Shop Equivalent: Buffalo Bill
Crown Shop Cost: 4995 Crowns
Promotion Levels:

Level 60 - Buffalo Marshall

Total of 4 Epics, 3 Chosen


All of the Magnificent Seven companions, aside from Bat Masterson, are great Musketeers - Buffalo Bill is no exception. In fact, he's one of the two "anti-musketeers" of the group. Him and Jane Canary can learn very similar Epics - none of which are Burst Fire, but it's not even needed! Use him to combat other ranged units - give him True Grit and Quick Draw immediately, and True Grit 2 upon his promotion. Whenever a Musketeer hits him, Quick Draw and True Grit will both go off. If the enemy's Burst Fire goes off, True Grit will activate again! For the first hit, at least, he will get two hits in for one of the enemy's - Swashbucklers may just decide to use him in PvP matches, in this "age of musketeers".

Aim his attacks at other Musketeers if they have Quick Draw or True Grit. His normal attack will activate, followed by Quick Draw, then True Grit, and possibly more True Grits if the enemy's Burst Fire activates. Your goal with Buffalo Bill is to drop the enemy before they can drop you. Once the Musketeers are out, who are commonly the biggest threats in the fight, it should be smooth sailing from there.