July 30, 2013

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On July 30, 2013

                                                                     Name: Subodai
Class: Buccaneer
Exclusive To: Swashbucklers
Obtained: Starter Companion (Tutorial)
Crown Shop Equivalent: Temujin
Crown Shop Cost: 5995 Crowns
Promotion Levels:

Level 13 - Horse Warrior
Level 47 - Horse Khan

Total of 5 Epics, 3 Chosen

Subodai, like all the other Starter companions, performs very well in combat. He can train Relentless 2 which makes him especially able to damage Musketeer and Witchdoctor enemies. His Vengeance Strike, too, allows him to effectively counter against other melee enemies and, possibly, set off several Relentless attacks after it activating.

For his final Epic, Vengeance Strike 2 and Flanking are great choices. If you wish to use him mainly against other melee enemies, Vengeance Strike 2 would be essential. However, Flanking is a great choice, especially since Subodai is recruited on a Swashbuckler character. If positioned correctly, you should be able to make use of the increased movement of your character (as well as your companions' movement) to make his Flanking ability activate nearly every turn. And, besides the normal hit, Relentless may also activate in response. Accompanied with his high armor, Guaranteed Critical Strike power, and his power enabling him to reduce the accuracy of an enemy, Subodai is a large threat in practically every battle he is in.