June 26, 2013

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On June 26, 2013

Name: Monkey King
Class: Swashbukler
Exclusive To: Any Class
Obtained: Quest; "Journey Into Shadow"
Crown Shop Equivalent: None
Crown Shop Cost: N/A
Promotion Levels:


Monkey King has potential to be a great Swashbuckler, but he is missing one crucial Epic: Relentless. It's not too much of a loss, as Buccaneers and Privateers rely on Relentless a bit more than Swashbucklers, but, still, it's a great Epic to have regardless. Instead, he has Second Chance, which is a perfectly fine Epic. Swashbucklers will miss more than any other class (maybe besides Witchdoctors), so it helps him ensure that he will, indeed, hit.

Give him Riposte 2, as he will be dodging frequently, along with First Strike to get a hit in when a melee enemy attacks him. Second Chance is also a great, which compensates for him missing Relentless. If you don't find Second Chance to be very useful, First Strike 2 is another great build for him. Whenever a melee enemy would attack him, he could hit with up to three First Strike and Riposte attacks. For Privateers, especially, who may not find much use out of Second Chance on their companions, Riposte 2 and First Strike 2 is an excellent choice for his Epics.