June 24, 2013

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On June 24, 2013

Name: Kobe Yojimbo
Class: Swashbuckler
Exclusive To: Buccaneers - Starter Companion
Obtained: Tutorial
Crown Shop Equivalent: Wagyu Sanjuro 
Crown Shop Cost: 5995


Level 12: Bull Samoorai
Level 47: Bull Samoorai Lord


All of the Starter 5 group of companions are great in combat, but it seems as though Kobe Yojimbo is the best out of them all! Many prefer him with First Strike, Relentless, and Riposte 2 (though giving him a second tier of Relentless instead of Riposte also works very well), so he can Relentless occasionally and constantly strike back whenever he dodges a melee enemy. His Guaranteed Critical Strike power is especially helpful, as not only does it do tons of damage, but it's also a guaranteed hit in general. Swashbucklers can't hit other Swashbucklers so easily, so, you can use this on a Swashbuckler to drop them fast! Follow up with his Swashbuckler's Stab power and the enemy will already be close to defeated. And did you know that Swashbuckler's Stab always lands a Mega Hit? Two guaranteed criticals right there makes Kobe a great companion. Note that Buccaneers receive him, and Swashbuckler's Stab reduces Strength. This means that; a) your Buccaneer companions and some of your Privateer companions will be able to Relentless off the enemy that this power was used on, and b) that enemy will Relentless less, assuming they are a Buccaneer or possibly a Privateer. So, even if no Buccaneers or Privateers of your own are in the fight, you can still reduce the rate of the enemies' activation of it! Also, note that his powers don't have to be used on Swashbucklers. If you have Musketeers in the fight, you can have them focus on the Swashbucklers, and have him quickly try to drop enemy Musketeers and Witchdoctors. It's up to you, but remember to have him deal as much Damage as possible before he is defeated, because Swashbucklers generally do not last too long.