June 25, 2013

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On June 25, 2013

Name: El Toro
Class: Swashbuckler
Exclusive To: Any Class
Obtained: Quest; "Blood's Own Hand"
Crown Shop Equivalent: None
Crown Shop Cost: N/A
Promotion Levels:

Level 40: Masked Champion


El Toro is, most likely, the best Swashbuckler in the game - he practically ties with Bonnie Anne for the most commonly used firstmate! What makes him so special? Besides his great Epic pool, it's his buff that makes him excel - he's already a Swashbuckler, so his Dodge will naturally be high, but, at his second tier, he will replace is Accuracy buff with an Accuracy and Dodge buff! Not only will he almost always dodge melee attacks with that, but he will also help other members of your team dodge, too! If you're a Buccaneer, Swashbuckler, or Privateer, and want that extra Dodge boost, he might be ideal to keep high up on your list, or even as your firstmate!.

Many find El Toro to work best with First Strike, Relentless, and Riposte 2. Why not Relentless 2? It is worth noting that Relentless 2 is not a bad option at all. When he promotes next, giving that to him would certainly be worthwhile for those that have builds with Riposte 2. But, for now, Riposte 2 is fairly ideal. As a Swashbuckler, he will be constantly dodging, so Riposte will activate much more than on melee enemies. It also does more damage than a normal attack, and his damage is already incredibly high! Think of it as knowing additional stronger attacks will activate rather than having a chance for more regular attacks. Riposte 2 has its benefits over Relentless 2, but choose whichever you feel will work for you best!