January 30, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On January 30, 2014
Once Kobe Yojimbo reaches Level 13, he will summon you to a tavern.

Jobe tells you that he came to you as a Ronin, but now, he is ready to become a Samoorai. To do this, he will need a Katana. The blacksmith in Monquista may know how to make one.

Sergio tells you that he can make one, but he'll need some Steel Ingots, rumour has it that they are lying in Diablo Cut.

After returning from Diablo Cut, you will need some Gizzard Stone for the hilt from Doomtooth, in Skull Island.
Return to Sergio and you have successfully given Kobe his new sword!

Return to a Tavern cellar to promote Kobe.