January 29, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On January 29, 2014

Name: Doctor Noh
Class: Witchdoctor
Exclusive To: Crown Shop
Obtained: Quest; "Turnabout"
Crown Shop Cost: 5995 Crowns

   Promotion Levels:

Total of 3 Epics, 2 Chosen

Doctor Noh is a great choice for a Crown Shop exclusive companion. He starts with Second Chance, which is very important as his Accuracy is not too high, and can train two more additional Epics. Relentless 2 would seem to be the best choice here, as it will trigger fairly frequently against most melee and ranged enemies.

His Powers are also very useful, as they are both AoEs that can attack multiple enemies. By using his Jobu's Embrace when he is at low health, he can regain much of what he lost, essentially acting as both a hit and a heal. Also, he is without a doubt very cool looking - who wouldn't want to show off their very own Doctor Noh companion?