January 30, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On January 30, 2014
Name: Bosun Budd
Class: Buccaneer
Exclusive To: Crown Shop
Obtained: Complete ALL Side Quests in Miranda (Ghost Buster Badge)
Crown Shop Cost: 4495 Crowns

   Promotion Levels:

Total of 3 Epics, 1 Chosen

With not so many Epics available to him and he doesn't have some of the best ones in his Epic pool, Bosun Budd may not be the right choice if you're looking for a tough companion to help you through questing. That being said, he ranks among the coolest looking ones, and he's pretty rare, too - many people would just skip right over those side quests in Miranda, resulting in him not even being unlocked for them.

Bosun Budd is definitely recommended if you want a cool looking companion to enhance your crew. He's not meant to take down enemy after enemy in Aquila... he's meant to be totally awesome.