December 22, 2013

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On December 22, 2013

One Eyed Jack send you to Ratbeard's Hideout, you find him there, but he manages to escape. But what's that? Burning over there; It's Gunn's Will! You quickly scavenge it and read what you can, the will sends you to Corsair's Cove, where Gunn's Refuge lies.

Once you get to Gunn's Refuge, you spot a Training Tome on the table (a tutorial tip - Incoporated into the quest) and then a cask catches your eye, and there's a note inside of it!

The note sends you in search of Gunn's First Mate; Ned. You eventually find him, but Old Scratch is guarding it and you must defeat him to retrieve the next clue!

Once you defeat Old Scratch, he tells you of his remorse and he joins your crew!