December 21, 2013

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On December 21, 2013
This quest will take you to the Presidio; a dungeon. Once you arrive in the sigils, you must complete an series of instance quest (Mostly fighting Monquistadors) to collect the spices for the Forg Father as a "favour" and then free his friend, the Prisoner:
(The prisoner depends upon what you choose as to how you were orphaned in character selection;

Mutiny: Dead Mike-Undead Pirate

Shipwrecked: Lucky Jack Russell-Dog Pirate
Armada: Gaspard de Vole-Guinea Pig Guard
Storm: Milo Graytail-Rat Brigand
Squid Attack: Birgus Latro-Crab Thug

Once you return to the Frogfather with his Spices you will recruit one of the 5 companions.