October 14, 2013

Posted by Sneaky Kevin On October 14, 2013

Name: Ninja Pig 
Class: Swashbuckler
Exclusive To: Any Class
Obtained: Promotional code, sent out to invite existing Wizard101 players to Pirate101. When deciphered, "Marco Pollo's Map" revealed a special code that granted players this exclusive companion.
Crown Shop Equivalent: None
Crown Shop Cost: N/A

Promotion Levels:
Level 17: 1700 Gold
Level 35: 4675 Gold

Total of 4 Epics, 3 Chosen

The Ninja Pig is definitely a great companion, and his only true fault is his lack of any powers. However, what makes him truly great is his armor. He can come very close to 100 at max level, which can make melee attacks very weak on him, if they do manage to hit through his high dodge. Either give him Relentless 2 and Riposte or Relentless and Riposte 2; the second choice seems preferable on most Swashbucklers, as their dodge will enable them to dodge the majority of melee attacks aimed for them, therefore giving them the ability to strike back with Riposte, an attack that is stronger than the average hit.

As with most Swashbucklers, use his high damage to your advantage. Aim for ranged enemies first. Any melee enemies in the fight will only damage themselves if they try to attack him, with his exceptional arrangement of Epics. Once the ranged enemies are out, you shouldn't have any difficulties finishing off the remaining ones left. Also, the Ninja Pig is one of the only three companions currently in the game with Jump - the ability to jump over objects or obstacles during combat. Can you figure out the other two?