March 02, 2014

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On March 02, 2014
Once Mormo reached Level 37, it is time to promote him.

Mormo tells you that he needs a new mask, time ti speak to Vadima. Vadima tells you that there is some ancient wood that holds great power in the Dark Jungle, Old Byron tells you that Wormwood is corrupt by spirits, defeat him and cut out his heartwood, this is suitable wood for a Mask.

Once returning to Vadima, she tells you that you will need some feathers to ward off evil spirits and make the mask whole. Stormfang in the haunted skyways has some feathers that will suffice. 

Once you retrieve the feathers, Vadima tells you that you need there is a curse Mormo and there are horns in Mooshu, that will help lift it. Lo Mein, in Sujimura Village will know where to get it. Dai Now, a Monk Master in Yagizawa Village has them. 

Now you that you have the Horns, you need some Crystals, Lo Mein tells you that a sage in Kaizoku Jima has some, if you speak to him nicely, he will give them to you gladly. Moo Manchu is revealed as the sage and he tells you that he put this curse upon Mormo so that he would defeat his rival; Dai Now. He gladly removes the curse and gives Mormo a Hoodoo Staff as a token of appreciation.

To complete this Promotion Quest, return to a Tavern Cellar and talk to Mormo.