July 25, 2013

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On July 25, 2013

Name: Shiruku Neko
Class: Swashbuckler
Exclusive To: Any Class
Obtained: Quest; "Silk Trade"
Crown Shop Equivalent: None
Crown Shop Cost: N/A
Promotion Levels:

Shiruku Neko is currently not one of the best Swashbuckler companions in the game due to her not being able to train any additional Epics. Her starting ones, First Strike and Cheap Shot, are effective, though she is missing others that are important on Swashbuckler companions.

In battle, use her Critical Strike ability against a large threat in the fight to weaken them, then follow up with other attacks. Try to make her Cheap Shot activate as much as it can; place her so that she is adjacent to several other enemies so that there is a high chance of one disengaging and, in turn, Cheap Shot activating. First Strike should not be too difficult to make activate, as it simply requires a melee enemy to attack her. Although she may not be such a great Swashbuckler companion, using her to her highest potential is crucial in combat.