July 25, 2013

Posted by Sheldon Cooper On July 25, 2013

Name: Ratbeard
Class: Buccaneer 
Exclusive To: Any Class
Obtained: Quest; "Gunn's Gold"
Crown Shop Equivalent: None
Crown Shop Cost: N/A
Promotion Levels:
Level 10: Rat Commander
 Level 28: Rat Captain
 Level 55: Rat Admiral


Ratbeard, at lower levels, may not be such a great companion, as his Epic pool is not as great as those of some other companions. However, upon his final promotion, he becomes much better, mainly due to his Powers. 

Regarding his Epics, try a build with Hold the Line, First Strike 2, Repel Boarders, and Cheap Shot. Whenever an enemy would approach him, he would immobilize them, attack them once immediately, and, if the enemy would attack Ratbeard, he would activate at least one First Strike first. More could activate if the enemy has any Epics that respond to these hits, such as Vengeance Strike. You may even want to purposely attack an enemy with Vengeance Strike with Ratbeard to cause numerous First Strike attacks to activate.

Triton's Song should be used at nearly the beginning of every fight to prevent incoming damage, and his Guaranteed Critical Strike power is a great way to output a high amount of damage. Buccaneer Smash can reduce the accuracy of an enemy; if you choose to attack one with Vengeance Strike 2, for example, he can reduce their Accuracy so that their attacks are unlikely to damage Ratbeard, but his attacks are likely to damage the enemy. Finally, his Clear the Decks! Power is where he begins to become especially useful on Musketeer characters, as the Knockback effect can be used to push opposing enemies into bombs, damaging them even more. Not all players find use out of using Ratbeard, but he is certainly worth trying out to see if you like him - you may be surprised at how effective he can be in combat!